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Twitter – get engaged!

June 6, 2011

Twitter - by Jeff Turner (@respres)

There are a lot of ways to use Twitter. Celebrities and major brands use them to broadcast one-way messages whilst other companies have used it to aggregate content or as a real-time customer service portal. The way people have innovated using Twitter is quite remarkable and has added real value to many organisations.

But one of the keys to using Twitter effectively is to engage. By responding to others, Retweeting your followers’ tweets and answering questions you will be eventually be seen as a valuable member of the social community rather than an ego-maniac obsessed with what you – and only you – have to say. Well-known personalities can get away with this but not the majority of us. We have to work hard and prove to our followers that we’re willing to talk – and listen to others.

If you’re planning on using Twitter, ensure that you do have a raison d’ĂȘtre. Once you start, turn up regularly, be consistent, don’t over-tweet and take an interest in others. And whenever you tweet try to be interesting and add something to the community.

There are a different set of rules in the new world of social media and digital communications. Twitter exemplifies many of these characteristics perfectly and by using the platform correctly one can soon learn these rules and become a valuable member of the social media community.