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Social media outsourcing

July 28, 2011

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With more and more companies adopting social media as part of their marketing strategies, it’s been interesting to note the number of them that are outsourcing their efforts to third-party agencies and consultancies.

But is the right?

Well it all depends on what is being outsourced, how much and to whom. Whilst it is perfectly understandable for a company (big or small) to ask an agency to set up and manage the logistics of a corporate Facebook page or Twitter profile, or the monitoring and evaluation of of social media through analytics, but it’s another thing to ask somebody else to manage your entire social media marketing process.

Work together

If you’re looking to use an agency or consultancy to help manage your social media marketing function, it’s important to agree on a plan of action and a set of expectations as to how the process will work. An agency should collaborate with you on the overall strategy to ensure that social media activity is tied to corporate objectives as well as provide training on how to use social media correctly.

Be authentic

As soon as you’ve agreed on a social media strategy and action plan, it is then important for you, the client company, to take full control. Social media is about developing authentic, genuine relationships and conversation with customers and this is not something that can – or should – be done by an agency or consultancy. It is crucial that you remain authentic whilst using social media to communicate with customers otherwise you run the risk of appearing insincere.