About Gavin Llewellyn

One Too Many Mornings

Gavin Llewellyn is the author of One Too Many Mornings, his primary blog about marketing, social media and digital communications.

You can also find and connect with Gavin on TwitterLinkedIn and Delicious.

Skills and experience

Gavin Llewellyn is a Chartered Marketer who’s been plying his trade in marketing and digital media and communications since 2006.

Gavin’s keen interest in marketing began whilst studying for a BA in Business Management in 2001. Following the completion of his degree, Gavin continued his marketing studies for another year and graduated with a Masters degree in Marketing Management. Following his Masters, Gavin landing his first job in marketing strategy and hasn’t looked back since!

Gavin is a highly creative and professional marketer with skills in all types of marketing, from branding and strategy through to public relations and marketing communications. Over the past few of years Gavin has become particularly interested in internet and new media marketing and has since specialised in building brands and bringing companies up-to-date through the use of social media and digital marketing channels. Gavin has an in-depth understanding of social media marketing and is an active participant in following market leading brand interfaces, prolific bloggers and social web champions.


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