Which 3 guests would you invite?

Sir Richard Branson by Jarle Naustvik
“If you could invite three people – dead or alive – to a dinner party, who would they be?”

I was recently asked this question by a prospective client whilst pitching for a digital marketing project. The type of questions leading up to this one had been the usual I’d expect in such a meeting: “What’s your past experience?”; “How would you set objectives?”; “When can you get things done?”. But this question suggested to me the client wanted to dig a little deeper and find out  what makes me tick and whether I’m the type of person they’d like to work with, regardless of my skills and experience.

Although I could think of many more than three people, three was all they wanted, and on top of that they had to be good – my answer could make or break the deal! So after about 10 seconds thought, I gave them the following:

Richard Branson

Richard Branson’s been an entrepreneurial hero of mine for many years, although my interest in him grew ten-fold after reading his autobiography in 2003 on a (Virgin) flight back from the US. Richard’s character, drive and desire to succeed is utterly inspirational and he has all the attributes I believe anyone (whether they work for themselves or somebody else) should have in business.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin first caught my attention when I saw his book ‘The Purple Cow’ in a bookstore many years ago. The concept and philosophy of ‘The Purple Cow’ (about standing out and being remarkable) is pretty much what Seth is all about and it’s something every company, brand or professional should aspire to.

John Lennon

If I could have invited four people to a dinner party I would have chosen all of four of the Beatles! But ever since I first started listening to them in the mid-1990s it was always John Lennon who I related to most. John was a passionate artist intent on creating unique and powerful work that was both pioneering and inspiring.


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