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Social Media Heavyweights – The Trilogy!

May 24, 2011

Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrell from cliff1066™
I recently published three blog posts outlining a list of people and resources from the world of social media that I believe you really MUST follow if you’re serious about digital and social media marketing. You can visit each individual post here, here and here, although this post is a combination of them all (albeit with a little less description and insight about each social media heavyweight).

Seth Godin
Twitter: @thisissethsblog

Seth Godin is a marketing and leadership goliath, with a fantastic blog (updated daily) and a mountain worth of brilliant books. He sets the standard for quality that many of the other heavyweights in this list aspire to!

Chris Brogan

Like Seth Godin, Chris updates his blog almost daily with a mix of insightful, philosophical and extremely helpful posts. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author (He co-wrote ‘Trust Agents’ with fellow heavyweight Julian Smith).

Mitch Joel 
Twitter: @mitchjoel

I first heard of Mitch Joel when I saw his book ‘Six Pixels of Separation’ listed as a top social media book on Mashable. It wasn’t long before I’d bought it and became an avid listener to his awesome weekly podcast (also called ‘Six Pixels of Separation’). Mitch’s podcast is one of the best around, in which he regularly interviews smart and interesting people throughout the worlds of media and marketing.

Brian Solis 

Twitter: @briansolis

Brian Solis’s book ‘Engage’ is quite simply brilliant and is an essential read for anyone serious about social media. Brian looks at social media from all angles and brings the subject to life with a level of detail I haven’t seen from anyone else.

Twitter: @mashable, @mashsocialmedia@mashbusiness … and more and more! (Just search ‘Mashable’ in Twitter to see all their accounts)

Mashable is the online resource for anything related to social media, technology or online marketing. Mashable has a wonderful bank of blogs and is often first with breaking news from the industry.

Julien Smith
Twitter: @julien

Julien Smith co-wrote ‘Trust Agents‘ with Chris Brogan and is a wonderful thinker in his own right. He brings a fresh perspective to personal development and building social capital and delivers it with his own brand of wit that makes him unique among this esteemed list.

Jeremiah Owyang
Twitter: @jowyang

If I want real, in-depth social media insight I go straight to Jeremiah Owyang’s blog. He’s a new media  web strategist and ‘big thinker’ who regularly produces very interesting reports, webinars and blog posts that contain a wealth of brilliant information.

Harvard Business Review
Blog: and
Twitter: @harvardbiz

Although the Harvard Business Review isn’t dedicated to social media, if you’re serious about using social media marketing effectively as a business tool then HBR is required reading. HBR’s blogs offer a wealth of insight on a variety of business issues.

Tamar Weinberg
Twitter: @tamar

Tamar Weinberg was the person that made me realise what social media is all about. Tamar’s was the first social media book I read (‘The New Community Rules‘) and it opened my mind to what social media can do, how it works and more importantly, what it’s’about’.

Twitter: @TEDTalks@TEDNews

TED is a global set of conferences all about spreading ideas and new insights. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend a TED conference but you can check out videos and podcasts of them by visiting their website.

Guy Kawasaki
Twitter: @guykawasaki and @alltop

Guy Kawasaki is everywhere on Twitter, both via his Twitter feed and on Alltop. Guy is a positive, vibrant, charismatic individual who leads by example and has recently published his sixth book, ‘Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions’.

Liz Strauss
Websites: and 
Twitter: @lizstrauss

Liz Strauss is both a social media and networking heavyweight. I recently blogged about Liz Strauss and how she uses Twitter to engage with her audience and this in itself demonstrates Liz’s wonderful ability to connect with her network in a way that makes every one feel they are a valuable member of the social media community.

Brian Clark (AKA Copyblogger)
Twitter: @copyblogger

Copyblogger is a blog all about how to write effectively for the web and Brian Clark is the mastermind behind it all. Copyblogger has tons of great posts and articles on how to write compelling copy for headlines, landing pages, SEO and social media.

Lee Odden
Twitter: @leeodden

When I first became interested in social media, the more I searched online for news and comment on the subject the more I came across Lee Odden and the Top Rank blog. Top Rank includes posts on everything from content marketing to SEO and social media.

Mark Schaefer
Twitter: @markwschaefer

I like Mark Schaefer because he’s such a dedicated thinker and generous social media practitioner. He blogs on a variety of subjects that are at the same time easy to follow and incredibly insightful.

You can also check out more of my thoughts on some of these social media heavyweights on my blog One Too Many Mornings.


A cloudy future ahead?

May 21, 2011

Clouds by Karin Dalziel

The announcement this week from Google regarding the launch of the Chromebook, a simple and cheap netbook running on Google’s Chrome OS (effectively a laptop with a web browser), raises some interesting questions about the future of cloud computing and the state of the computer landscape.

The Chromebook will mean that users must access applications solely from ‘the Cloud’. Although this might seem like a radical shift for some, we must remember that many of us are already accessing email, photos, social networks and more from ‘the Cloud’, so perhaps this is a further step in the direction towards a purely cloud-based future?

I think another interesting aspect around this story is the simplicity the Chromebook will offer the user. By accessing everything from ‘the Cloud’, the computer experience is kept simple and identical wherever you are and with whatever devise you’re using.

Finally, is Google taking Microsoft head-on with this development? It’ll be interesting to see how they respond as things develop further.

Exciting times ahead!

May 18, 2011

Morning sunshine

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve created a personal website so I now have my very own piece of online ‘real estate’! It’s a brand new blog with a brand new name. However, the content and subject area will remain the same: marketing, social and digital communications.

One Too Many Mornings will be my online space to talk about marketing, online trends and the ongoing rise of social media. I will use my blog to speak my mind, offer advice and explore online marketing issues in more detail. And I will also use One Too Many Mornings to connect with others and start growing a community of fellow marketing enthusiasts around the topics that I feel passionate about.

I’m really looking forward to writing my new blog and I hope that others will be able to take something away from it and benefit from what I’ve got to say.

So please feel free to visit One Too Many Mornings and let me know what you think.