Social Media Heavyweights (Part 3)

Joe Louis by By cliff1066
This is the third instalment in my ‘Social Media Heavyweights’ series (please go ahead and check out Part 1 and Part 2). Once again, I’ve picked out another five influential people who I have looked to in my endeavours to become a more proficient social media practitioner. To see all the other heavyweights who I believe you have to follow, check out my Twitter list.

Guy Kawasaki
Twitter: @guykawasaki and @alltop

Guy Kawasaki, one of the original employees responsible for marketing (and evangelising) Apple’s Macintosh computers in the 1980s, is everywhere on Twitter, both via his Twitter feed and on Alltop. Guy is a positive, vibrant, charismatic individual who leads by example and has recently published his sixth book, ‘Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions’.

Liz Strauss
Websites: and
Twitter: @lizstrauss

Liz Strauss is not only a social media heavyweight, but a networking heavyweight, too. I recently blogged about Liz Strauss and how she uses Twitter to engage with her audience and this in itself demonstrates Liz’s uncanny ability to connect with her network in a way that makes every one of them feel they are a valuable member of the social media community.

Brian Clark (AKA Copyblogger)
Twitter: @copyblogger

Brian Clark is the mastermind behind Copyblogger, a blog all about how to write effectively for the web. Copyblogger has tons of brilliant posts and articles (largely from a vast pool of excellent guest bloggers) on how to write compelling copy for headlines, landing pages, SEO … and of course social media.

Lee Odden
Twitter: @leeodden

When I first became interested in social media, I often searched online for comment, news and information to so that I could start building up my knowledge of the subject. The more I searched, the more I came across Lee Odden and the Top Rank blog. Top Rank offers posts and resources on everything from live blogging to content marketing and social media and is one of my go-to destinations for opinion, tips and best practice advice.

Mark Schaefer
Twitter: @markwschaefer

Mark Schaefer was brought to my intention by Mitch Joel, via the Six Pixels of Separation podcast. Mark was a guest on Mitch’s podcast debating the pros and cons of ghost writing. Although I was mainly siding with Mitch Joel (who is anti-ghost blogging), Mark nevertheless made some very good points so I checked out his {Grow} blog to learn more. As with all the social media heavyweights I’ve profiled, Mark is a true expert but is also incredibly down-to-Earth and practices what he preaches. He’s an example any aspiring social media enthusiastic (such as myself) can learn from.

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4 Responses to “Social Media Heavyweights (Part 3)”

  1. Mark William Schaefer Says:

    Thank you for your kind recommendation! Much appreciated.

    • Gavin Llewellyn Says:

      You’re very welcome, Mark. I compiled a Twitter list of about 40-odd great people and resources and then took out 15 of those that have inspired me most and listed them across a series of three posts. I want to get more people interested in social media following the right people – and you’re one of them!

  2. Lee Odden Says:

    Thanks Gavin – it’s a pleasure and honor to be included. Glad you find our content useful. Cheers, Lee

    • Gavin Llewellyn Says:

      It was my pleasure Lee. You and the other people and resources I’ve listed have personally helped me a lot in my understanding and knowledge of social media (and in your case internet marketing in general). You are the people others need to follow if they are serious about getting to grips with social media!

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