Whatever it takes

there is no try - by alamosbasement

The ever-excellent Chris Brogan wrote a blog post last week about persistence and how we should all recognise it as a skill worth nurturing.

Keep on going despite the economic downturn

Chris’s post really resonated with me. With all the doom and gloom regarding the ‘economic climate’ at the moment, I wanted to expand further on the theme of persistence and why I believe it is such a powerful and important attribute to have during these tough times.

With government spending cuts, public (and private) sector redundancies, reduced budgets and rising unemployment, I have personally felt a little dispirited over the past few months or so. It all seems too much to bear at times, but this is exactly why perseverance and a will to succeed is so important.

Persistence in sport and business

Never giving up and doing whatever it takes to get where you want to are the qualities that champions display. In the sporting world, Manchester United at their best spring to mind, scoring goals late on in a match to win the game, or Raphael Nadal and Roger Federer fighting it out – two fierce competitors focused entirely on their personal objectives and completely unprepared to back down.

In business, I always think of Richard Branson and his ceaseless desire to create companies and products to rival others. The story of Virgin Atlantic Airways and their rivalry with British Airways is a perfect example of a visionary leader doing whatever it took to get what he wanted. Despite fierce opposition from British Airways, Branson persevered and eventually met the goal he had set himself – to become one of the UK’s major airline operators.

Take inspiration from entrepreneurs

It’s so easy to give up and yet it’s also so wrong. Throwing in the towel and surrendering is simple – anyone can do it. But what if you stayed focused, stuck to your plans and kept on going, regardless of the naysayers?

That’s what entrepreneurs are doing all around the UK in the face of cuts in public expenditure and increasing unemployment. Resilient and resourceful people who have been made redundant or are looking for a better way of life have rejected the notion that they’re not good enough and have persisted with their own personal goals and objectives. Many of their stories are inspirational and are proof that hard work, seeking out opportunities and persistence pays off.

What motivates you to keep on going? Do you have any success stories to share?

3 Responses to “Whatever it takes”

  1. charlotteelizabethclark Says:

    When it comes down to blogging, I’m highly motivated by increasing page-views, comments and shares of my work. Massively reinforced by positive feedback.

    In life I’m usually motivated by opportunities to sleep 😉

    • Gavin Llewellyn Says:

      I definitely agree with you on the sleep!

      I’m also motivated when I see positive reactions to the work I’m doing, especially if I’m working on something from concept to completion. There’s a definitely a certain satisfaction to see a project through to (hopefully a successful!) conclusion!

      On a slightly different matter (but still related to the blog post) I listened to another excellent episode of ‘The Bottom Line’ where the panel of executives were very positive about the economy going forward. Very motivating, especially to those battling through the tough times. (Link to the podcast below):


  2. An entrepreneurial boost from StartUp Britain « Gavin's Blog Says:

    […] this month, a wrote a blog post about doing whatever it takes to fulfil your goals. In the post, I talked about how the economic downturn is affecting […]

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