Are you an Online Wizard or a Chief Storyteller?

Earlier today I was flicking through the job ads in the latest edition of Marketing Week and I came across a double page spread for some vacancies at a company called Ovo Energy. I was initially attracted to the ad because of it’s use of big, bold fonts and the colourful cartoon drawings (also in evidence on their website), but when I looked more closely I then noticed the job titles they were advertising for: Marketing & Business Guru, Chief Storyteller and Online Wizard.

I have to admit, it was a breath of fresh air to see these job titles! Whenever you see ads for marketing vacancies, they’re usually for a Web Developer, a Marketing Executive, a PR Manager and so on. They all tend to merge into one big blur and along with the standard job ad format (job title, corporate logo, job spec and contact details all in a dingy little box) I often find it difficult to tell one company from the next. Where is the company’s character? What do they stand for? Will I fit in to the company? It might be a cliché, but looking for a job is a two way process and first impressions from both job seekers and recruiting companies count for an awful lot. Why not start with the job ad itself?

But returning to the job titles – wouldn’t it be cool to ‘legitimately’ call yourself a Marketing & Business Guru or a Chief Storyteller? Imagine announcing to your friends that you’re now somebody’s Online Wizard! I really like the way Ovo Energy have purposefully set out to express their character and culture throughout their marketing communications  – and their job ads – and made a conscious effort to stand out from the crowd. The language, tone of voice and graphic design used in the job ads mirror that used throughout the website and gives you a very clear impression of the company. And the job titles are another extension of the company’s personality.

Now that Ovo Energy have caught my attention I’ll be looking out for them for now on to see how the brand develops – as well as what other job titles they might advertise!

What’s the wakiest job titles  you’ve seen? Do you have a interesting job title yourself?

4 Responses to “Are you an Online Wizard or a Chief Storyteller?”

  1. charlotteelizabethclark Says:

    I used to have social media wizard and storyteller on my business cards, I think it’s a good talking point. But sometimes it’s better to have clearer titles.

    I would classify myself as a social media marketer and strategist but even that sounds a bit jargony.

    Great post Gavin.

    • Gavin Llewellyn Says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment, Charlotte.

      You’re right, those crazy job titles are good talking points and I suppose that’s what grabbed my attention in the first place. I also agree that clarity is important but are the usual ‘jargony’ job titles any clearer?

      When I get my business cards I think I’m going to be super boring and call myself something simple like ‘consultant’. Although ‘Almighty High Priest of Social Media Marketing Arts’ sounds very appealing!

  2. charlotteelizabethclark Says:

    Have you tried I really like their business cards. Mean to order some new ones at some point 🙂

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