Cool logos

This week I took the time to admire some very cool logos.

Although a logo is just one element of many that make up a brand, an artistic, creative and thought-provoking logo can be very inspiring.

The logo above really captured my imagination. The design is extremely clever, using a very simple concept that explains exactly what the compnay is about – horror (the picture could be of someone screaming or person in a hockey mask) and films (or the picture could be of a simple film reel) and a plain black background. Simplicity here is what makes this logo work so well.

When designing a logo there are a number of rules to consider and I believe the Horror Films logo (as well as many other better known companies such as Twitter) follows many of these rules. However, for me (as a design layman!) a great logo simply needs to have the ‘wow factor’ to get my attention.

Marketing is about a lot more than pretty pictures. But when you see pictures as pretty as these you can’t help but sit back and admire!

Do you have any cool logo designs you’d like to share?

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