Quality through and through

I really like the advertising that John Lewis produce. The messages they communicate are always very clear and the promotions are delivered with genuine quality and style.

The stand-out advert from John Lewis at present is a one minute television spot for Christmas 2010. The overall message of the ad is ‘For those that care about showing others they care‘, and the commercial cinematically  illustrates a number of gift-giving scenarios in wintry settings  behind a soundtrack from Ellie Goulding covering Elton John’s ‘Your Song‘.

John Lewis have got form when it comes to producing memorable television ads with distinct soundtracks. Christmas 2009 featured an acoustic cover of Guns n Roses’ ‘Sweet Child ‘O Mine’ by Taken by Trees. Whilst earlier this year, John Lewis made headlines in both the business and mainstream press with their ages of a woman commercial, featuring a cover of Billy Joel’s ‘Always a Woman’ by Fyfe Dangerfield. The music in John Lewis’ ads seem to be very well selected and compliment the nature and feel of the advertisements.

But it’s not just the music and content of the ads that work so well. And it’s not just television advertising from John Lewis that hits the right notes. The advertising is just one element of the marketing mix that John Lewis is employing so well in order to communicate the company’s overall marketing strategy. Whilst each TV ad conveys it’s own specific message, these are backed up by magazine and press advertising as well as a great website. John Lewis’ marketing communications portfolio demonstrates real quality and style so that customers know exactly what they’re getting from John Lewis: service, price – and quality. The staff (or partners) at John Lewis are all very well trained, the products they sell are of good quality  and the atmosphere within the stores is always clean and professional.

In a time of economic uncertainty businesses need to be clear and decisive in terms of their marketing strategies. John Lewis have always been about quality and by communicating this so effectively in their promotional activity – and backing it up with quality service and products in the stores – clearly shows that John Lewis know exactly where they want to be going and where they want to be positioned in the customer’s mind.


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