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One of the main factors that inspired me to start a blog about marketing from my perspective was the number of brilliant bloggers already out there who continually generate consistently great content. A great blogger can be truly inspiring, and I’ve lost count of the numbers of times I’ve read a thought-provoking blog post and felt completely bowled over. I’ve therefore decided to pick out four individuals who I consider to be truly inspirational bloggers that are currently on my radar. My plan is to write similar blog posts in the future and list other great bloggers to look out for. But for the time being, here are four great minds that I think you should check out so that you can be inspired, too:

Seth Godin

For me (and many thousands of others), Seth Godin is the marketing guru. Seth’s Blog is the one blog that really makes me smile nearly every time I read a post of his. His clarity of thought on all things marketing, from public speaking to marketing communications is second to none. The true sign of Seth’s quality is that all the other bloggers I’ve listed in this post regularly refer to Seth Godin and and his influence. As well as an incredible blog, Seth has also written a number of very successful business and marketing books. In fact, the first time I ever heard of Seth Godin was from his book ‘Purple Cow, which I still regard as being a big influence on my thinking till this day. What I really like about Seth Godin is his thinking, mind-set and philosophy. He believes that anyone can make it, so long as you think correctly, work hard and try – all sentiments that I believe in also.

Mitch Joel

I stumbled across Mitch Joel back in spring of this year when I was looking at buying some books on social media for a plan I was writing on for the company I work for. I was told I could buy  two books, and Six Pixels of Separation happened to be one of them (the other was ‘The New Community Rules’ by Tamar Weinberg). After buying the book I soon realised that Mitch also has a blog called Six Pixels of Separation, and a wonderful podcast that goes out at least once a week that regularly features interviews with many different business, social media and marketing experts. I love the style of Mitch’s blog, it’s got real class. But beneath the style – and this is significant – is real substance in all of his blog posts, and it’s obvious that Mitch Joel has a genuine passion for social media and the work that he does. Unlike Seth Godin, Mitch Joel more often than not replies to nearly every comment left on his blog which I think is great. He’s replied to a couple of my comments and it always makes me feel a bit star-struck to think that someone like Mitch Joel is talking to me!

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan (featured in the main picture above) writes fantastic blog posts daily (if not twice or even thrice daily!), and range from practical how-to tips to philosophical posts on the nature of business, marketing and social media. Chris Brogan’s blog has provided me with numerous golden nuggets of information and his sheer dedication to his craft is extremely inspirational. Chris has written a book with Julien Smith called ‘Trust Agents’ and is also president of the social media agency New marketing Labs. As well as a blogging (Chris also writes for a blog for fathers called Dad-O-Matic as well as a travel blog called Man on the Go), he also writes for numerous other websites, newspapers and appears on forums and TV segments. And Chris Brogan is a very well-renowed speaker.

Julien Smith

I discovered Julien Smith (the chap speaking in the main picture, above) through Chris Brogan. In 2009, they wrote a fantastic book together called ‘Trust Agents’ which I finished about a week or so ago. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone looking to get into social media or understand it better. Each chapter will open your eyes to more and more possibilities and Julien Smith’s influence can clearly be seen in his blog, In Over Your Head. In a similar way to Seth Godin, Julien expresses some very sound philosophical musings in his blog that not only gets you thinking, but gets you thinking that you can do great things!

If you like marketing and understand the importance of social media in today’s increasingly social online environment, then I’m certain that you’ll be inspired as much as me by these inspirational bloggers.

So what do you think of the bloggers I’ve picked out? Who’s blog(s) do you read?

2 Responses to “Inspirational bloggers”

  1. Mitch Joel - Twist Image Says:

    Gavin, these are very kind words and I am honored. More importantly, to be mentioned among the other people… wow! Thank you!

    • Gavin Llewellyn Says:

      Hi Mitch

      Thank you very much for your comment! I feel very strongly that the people I’ve listed in the post are fantastic bloggers. Your thoughts, ideas and opinions regularly inspire me and thousands of others and I think it’s important you are seen and read by as many people as possible.

      The fact that I’ve mentioned you amongst the other bloggers is because you deserve to be!

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