Blogging & the virtue of perseverance

Blogging is becoming increasingly easy to do, what with free services such as WordPress and Blogspot to choose from, and more than 133 million blogs worlwide in the blogosphere to take inspiration from.

But setting up a blog is only the beginning, and it means nothing unless you regularly return to the blog and publish posts. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a blog that has three or four enthusiastic posts in a row followed by nothing for months on end (I’m a culprit of this so I’m looking myself squarely in the eye as I write this!). A blog should be interesting or funny or thrilling, but also original and genuine at the same time. But a blog should also be updated regularly with consistent and engaging content, maintaining the same emphasis and endeavour that you started out with in the first place. In my view, perseverance is a key virtue of great blogging, especially if you’ve got something you want to say.

So don’t give up, keep on going and let the world know what you have to say!

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