Dealing with dissapointment

Disappointment is something that everyone handles in very different ways. Some people become angry and begin to apportion blame, whereas others may become introverted or even depressed, depending on the level of disappointment they feel.

When I’ve been disappointed in the past I’ve often felt like either shouting and punching things or just shuffling away to sulk in a corner somewhere. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to realise that there’s never much point in doing either of the two things I’ve just mentioned as they’re never particularly productive! I now firmly believe that the best way of dealing with disappointment, wherever possible, is to begin looking at how any negative aspects can be turned into positives. I know this sounds clichéd, but I really do believe that the best way of overcoming the horrible feeling of dissatisfaction that disappointment brings is to immediately begin planning on how to get yourself back up and turn things around.

It’s important to have a time of reflection and to think about what went wrong. During this phase of analysis, you can begin assessing what you need to do to make things right but also what went right in the first place. It’s never a good idea to throw the baby out with the bathwater- just because something didn’t go to plan doesn’t mean everything you did was wrong. Focus on the good points, look at how the bad points can be improved and move on. Shouting and sulking won’t get you anywhere- and you probably won’t get any sympathy from anyone else, either! You’re the one in control, so you’re the one to make things right again.

As Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope’. Although things may seem tremendously bad at the moment of disappointment, there is always time and a thousand ways to overcome the pain. It’s just a case of making sure you’re as focused as possible to hit the target next time and do whatever you can to avoid disappointment again.


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