What’s the point? The benefits of blogging

As part of my ongoing social media crusade at work, I have been trying to persuade a number of the directors of my company to consider contributing to the corporate blog I set up about 3 weeks ago. The blog is still relatively new, but one of my aims is to get the directors using the blog so that they become regular contributors, even if that means only a few posts a month from each of them at a time.

It was whilst speaking with my finance director that I was hit with the question ‘what’s the point’? Now, I don’t believe he asked this question in a cynical or negative manner. I believe he asked this in an understandably pragmatic fashion because, as the finance director, he wants to know how the company will benefit from blogging.

This was a brilliant question because it really made me think. At last I was dealing with someone who really wanted to know why I was investing my time and energy into something the majority of the organisation know very little about. Nevertheless, I mentioned that blogs can be a brilliant addition to a company’s online presence for the following reasons:

  • Blogs are a great way of providing commentary on burning issues related to your company. For example, the recent UK election has had a major impact on many companies for a variety of reasons and therefore an opinion piece on how this will affect your company and the industry as a whole shows a good understanding of how political issues will affect not only the company but its various stakeholders as well
  • Blog readers often consider CEOs and directors, as well as regular employees, as credible sources of company information. Company blogs shouldn’t be overly promotional or too one-sided, and over time people will see your blog posts as a more accurate representation your company’s stance on key issues
  • Blogs can be used to build a trustworthy dialogue with customers. By allowing customers to respond to blog posts through the comments facility, and responding accordingly, customers may feel they have a ‘voice’ and a way of communicating directly with key directors and staff members
  • Blogs can be used to create ‘opinion leaders’ of directors and staff members. This may encourage the media or other people to come to your company for comment or opinion on key topics and issues
  • Blogs are a great way of improving search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website. For example, blogs not only ensure the web page is being updated regularly with fresh content (which brings the search engine web crawlers to the site), but blogs also bring key word-rich comments as well as inbound links from visitors to the website

There are of course many other good reasons for including a blog but I think most of all the proof will be in the pudding! Results matter, and I’m hoping our corporate blog will prove its worth over time. I also hope that the blog will convince my finance director that I haven’t been wasting my time and that it will have real merit for the company!


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