The 23 Englishman to win the World Cup?

So, Fabio Capello has decided on the final 23 to make up England’s World Cup squad, due to fly out to South Africa tomorrow. But has he chosen a squad with the strength and depth, let alone quality and desire, to go on and win the coveted trophy?

For me, there weren’t that many surprises in the final 23. Carrick made it through despite showing the vulnerabilities that characterised the final part of his season at Manchester United; Barry got the nod even though he is still recovering from injury and probably won’t be ready for start of the tournament; and Heskey’s in despite only scoring 7 goals in 58 appearances for England (and hasn’t scored for neither club nor country since 21st February this year!).

I suppose the biggest surprise was the omission of Theo Walcott. Although he’s been affected by injury again this season and often fails to deliver the ‘final ball’ required to create real scoring opportunities, I think England have missed a trick. I’m sure any opposition would be more frightened of Walcott coming on as an impact substitute rather than Shaun Wright-Phillipps, for example. Walcott still possesses devastating pace  and could add something extra in the final part of a big game.

Nevertheless, the decisions have been made and we are where we are. Now that the waiting is over, I hope the England team can now focus on the job in hand and begin to gel together, ready for the opening game against the USA on 12th June.


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